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Joina TorinoFilmLab i Göteborg!

Manusfabriken är värd för TorinoFilmLabs workshop för tv-serier "SeriesLab" som pågår parallellt med Göteborg Film Festival.

Deltagarna är manusförfattare och producenter från hela Europa. Du har nu möjlighet att delta på några av deras masterclasses, paneldebatter och nätverksträffar. Se programmet nedan!

Begränsat antal platser, först till kvarn.


Panel discussion - Friday 2nd February 15.30-17.00

Development Hell - Writers, producers and broadcasters sharing experiences


Development processes raise many difficulties. Often projects get stuck or end up in the bin. Development consumes time, energy and money for everyone involved. How can we improve the processes and minimize the failure rate? A panel discussion with a mix of Swedish and international participants.

Participants: Malin Nevander, Head of development at SVT Drama (Sweden), Vincent Poymiro, Screenwriter (France), Tatjana Samopjan (f.d. Andersson), Creative development producer (Sweden), Jan Benneman, VP of Acquisitions & Co-Productions, Dynamic Television (Germany). Moderated by Nicola Lusuardi, TorinoFilmLab (Italy).

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Masterclasses - Saturday 3rd February 16.00-18.00

vincent_poymiro_invajo_0.jpgThe pilot as a contract

A masterclass by Vincent Poymiro.
The first episode of a tv-series should serve as a contract with the viewers. It needs to achieve the difficult task of being expositional in terms of the arena and characters, while at the same time trigger the central conflict and the main storylines. This masterclass will focus on the specifics and how to avoid the pitfalls


andrea_nobile_invajo.pngThe use of genre storytelling

A masterclass by Andrea Nobile.
When did dragons, zombies and monsters become captivating for a worldwide audience? The genre storytelling is a powerful amplifier for all our fears, doubts, hopes and aspirations. We will discuss what it means to innovate and turn a specific genre into a universal and important story for all audiences. 


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