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Script feedback

Bild: Unsplash

Manusfabriken offers feedback on individual projects via Lindholmen Science Park project funding. We work in a group to be able to offer the most in-depth feedback possible.

Manusfabriken work primarily with establies writers and producers. As a producer or screenwriter you can apply for script feedback through Lindholmen Science Park's Film and TV project funding.

Manusfabriken’s concept is to enable writers to get the right feedback from the right person at the right stage of the process. Feedback from producers or financiers is seldom as detailed as the feedback that comes from a writer colleague.

Manusfabriken likes to work with projects in early development. Our method usually involves working in groups. Starting with the writer’s intentions, we work together to investigate the strengths, weaknesses and potential of the project. The goal is to provide the writer with additional perspectives and solutions, and to hopefully provide a clearer idea of how the project can proceed and reach the next level.

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