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Emiliano Goessens

Emiliano Goessens, grew up in Uruguay/Sweden, debuted in 2005 with the featurette Ryppar which was awarded the featurette jury’s award with the motivation that its ”immersive density lifts the harshness of the drug trade, without using common cinematic clichés.”


Emiliano is one of Sweden’s most often engaged TV-directors. He’s directed many of SVT’s most successful series, including 30 grader i februari (season 1 & 2), Blå ögon, Molanders, Irene Huss, Kommissarie Winter, Leende guldbruna ögon etc. He has received four Kristallen nominations and won the award for best TV-drama in 2013 with 30 grader i februari. He is at the moment working with the TV-series Gothenburg Kids and the feature film Indian Road, which he is both writing and directing.