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Many applicants for the Manusfabriken Comedy Series Lab

There is obviously considerable interest in writing comedy series. A record number of people have applied for the Manusfabriken Comedy Series Lab, which kicks off on November 8–9.

The list of participants is ready and includes several highly qualified scriptwriters as well as a few promising, up-and-coming writers.

Fantastic! says Niclas Ekström, who is in charge of the event. We received an enormous number of applications from both established and less experienced scriptwriters, and we have put together a mix of individuals with differing qualifications that we believe can together sow the seeds for several future Swedish comedy successes. 

Through working together during the scripting lab, we also hope to create new contacts and new writer collaborations that both the writers themselves and the industry will benefit from.


The current list of participants in the Comedy Series Lab:


Daniella Mendel Enk 
(Solsidan, Vårdgården, Halvvägs till himlen)

Bente Danielsson  
(Welcome to Sweden, Inte ok)

Gunnar Svensén  
(Halvvägs till himlen, Robins, Lingonligan)

Jakob Vasell 
(Starke Man, Time out, Ginas Show)

Klara Zimmergren 
(Roll on, Mia och Klara)

Martin Larsson 
(Starke man, Lingonligan, Becker)

Joakim Granberg  

Nicolas Kolovos 
(Starke man, Fikon, Jag är Bög)

Kjersti Ugelstad 
(Spesialenheten, Sara & Selma, Torpedo)

Sagah Larsson

Soni Jörgenssen 

(Pappas flicka, Pappa Polis, Livet i Fagervik)

Lovisa Löwhagen 
(Starke man, Hashtag)

Jessika Jankert 
(Hashtag, Vinnare)

Nicholas Wakeham 

Robert Palm



Read more about Comedy Series Lab 


Manusfabriken Comedy Series Lab is sponsored by AnagramNexikoArt & Bob TelevisionStellaNova FilmBrain Academy and Kulturakademin.