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Manusfabriken's Petra Revenue chosen for an initiative for female screenwriters

Petra Revenue Manusfabriken
The initiative for female screenwriters was launched at the Cannes Film Festival in 2019 by the Swedish Film Institute with the aim of increasing the share of big budget films with screenplays written by women. Manusfabriken's Petra Revenue is one of the thirteen screenwriters who was chosen.

The objective of the support is to strengthen the public Swedish film and to increase the equality and diversity of narratives by giving female screenwriters the opportunity to develop high-quality film projects with the potential for a large audience. A total of thirteen female screenwriters were chosen and the preliminary work for ten full-length feature films with a planned budget of over SEK 30 million has now begun.

Petra Revenue, a writer from Manusfabrike, was one of those chosen. 

How does it feel to be one of the chosen few?
'It feels really great. The other projects are also really strong, so it seems like a rewarding experience to be a part of. I look forward to developing a film that many people can relate to.'

Why did you apply?
'I applied because I had an idea that I wanted to develop into a film that would reach a large audience. Applying without a producer was also one of the reasons, because sometimes I am too receptive too early in the process. I felt a strong need to develop this project in a different way than before. The opportunity to meet interesting people along the way and within a cohesive context were also contributing factors.

What is the film about?
'Fru Sax Sällsamma Sorgeprocess is an (un)romantic comedy about a widow who tries to mourn normally, but is plagued by a passion that she does everything in her power to avoid throughout the film. It deals with the fact that 70 has become the new 50 and not everyone can live up to it.'

Petra Revenu is a playwrite, screenwriter and director who has also published novels and collections of short stories. She created the tv series Blå ögon (2014-2015) and here films include Isdraken (2012, based on Mikael Engström's book), Karaokekungen (2009, also directed) and most recently the 3D animated family film Märta proppmätt (2017), which she also directed, together with Samir Arabzadeh. Petra is also the head instrustor at Almo Löv scriptwriting and is part-time dramatic adviser for production companies and films. More about Petra at

Read more at Svenska Filminstitutet


Some of the chosen screenwriters. Photo: Hampus Svensson/Filminstitutet/TT