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Manusfabriken is growing!

Another exciting application process is finished and two new writers have now been awarded residency at Manusfabriken. These two writers are David Färdmar and Marcus Carlsson.

The residency gives the writers an office space at Manusfabriken at Gothenburg Studios for six months. The writers develop their own projects and are given guidance by other writers at Manusfabriken. The writers may also be involved in other collaborations that Manusfabriken has with other production companies.

Due to the prevailing situation with Corona, the residency will be postponed until 1 September.

These two talented writers both have extensive experience in the television and film industry:

david_fardmar_small.jpgDavid Färdmar

David Färdmar is a writer, director, producer and casting director based in Gothenburg for the production company Färdmars Film. David's premiere as a full-length feature film writer and director was the relationship drama "Are we lost forever"  at Gothenburg Film Festival 2020 and has previously written and directed the following short films: "Vi finns inte längre", "Love"  and "Den lyckligaste dagen", directed the novel film "Getingdans", and also produced the short films "Vi skulle bli bra föräldrar", "Ett sista farväl" and "Tennis är livet", all of which have enjoyed great success in film festivals around the world.

marcus_draken_small.jpgMarcus Carlsson

Marcus Carlsson was educated at the Film School at the University of Gothenburg and was recognised for his film diploma project and full-length feature film debut "Din barndom ska aldrig dö" with Adam Lundgren in one of the main roles. At the same time, his short film Dirtbags competed in Startsladden at the Gothenburg Film Festival, where it won the Audience Award. His second film, "Kärlek & vilj"a, premiered in 2018. He is now developing two new full-length feature film projects, "Biodlaren och det hårda gänget". As a theatre director, he has directed Europas Kniv och Shirins vargar at the Gothenburg City Theatre.

In addition to the residencies, Manusfabriken is happy to welcome two new members:

kjersti_small.jpgKjersti Ugelstad

Kjersti Ugelstad has been writing television and film since 2001 in various genres such as crime, thrillers and comedic drama. She is active in both Norway and Sweden, and has served in various roles for a number of production companies. She was the principal author of a number of series, most recently ”Maskineriet”, which she wrote together with Niclas Ekström. Previous qualifications include dramas like ”Torpedo” and ”Wisting”. She is currently developing a concept for SVT.



stefan_larsson_small.jpgStefan Larsson

Stefan Larsson is a writer and story editor trained at the Institute for Higher TV Education in Gothenburg. He has, among other things, worked with script development at the production company GötaFilm AB and has worked as a screenplay editor at SVT. He has won the Children's Theatre Academy's screenplay competition with the piece Tresteg and published the acclaimed children's book "Min bror Roger".  Research in history is a special area Stefan Larsson is keen to devote himself to. He is currently working on a drama series about Sweden during the Second World War: "Den svenska linjen".