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Klara Zimmergren and Nicolas Kolovos to Manusfabriken

Manusfabriken is expanding its network of scriptwriters by offering a new round of residencies during the autumn and winter of 2018–2019.

NICOLAS KOLOVOS has a background as a scriptwriter, director and dramatist. He has written and directed several short films including Fikon (Fig), which was awarded the Greek film prize IRIS (similar to Sweden’s Guldbagge awards). Nicolas has also written several theatrical plays and radio dramas, and recently won Radio Sweden’s short story prize for Underverket (The Miracle).

What will you work on during your residency at Manusfabriken?
“I’ll be focusing on two projects. A comedy series, in a restaurant environment, about an eccentric family. And a feature-length film, a black comedy, about an obsessed filmmaker.”

What themes interest you?
“Recurring themes in my stories are isolation, loneliness and alienation. I use dark humor to depict people on the borders between cultures hunting for an identity. My youth in a multicultural residential area – Norrby, in Borås – and my Greek background leave a strong mark on my writing. I always start from myself when I write, I shape my experiences and give them life in fictional characters and universes.”


KLARA ZIMMERGREN is a writer, actor and television presenter. She has published two books, Längtan bor i mina steg (Longing Lives in My Steps) and Skall vi skratta eller gråta (Should We Laugh or Cry?), with Mia Skäringer. She has also written comedy sketches for television and radio, including the cult hit Mia och Klara (Mia and Klara).

What are you most interested in writing?
“Comedic dramas. I honestly dream about writing a television series about life between 45 and 55. That part of life when you’ve done everything expected of you — a job, maybe a family — and you don’t really see what the next step is.

Why did you apply to Manusfabriken?
“As a person, I’m a typical member of the herd who does best in groups, preferably in that type of creative context where we can infect each other with ideas. I love brainstorming characters and situations with other people. I also like the craftsmanship itself of a manuscript, and I’m looking forward to finding collaboration with other scriptwriters.”

The residency provides the writers with an office space in Manusfabriken at Gothenburg Studios for six months. During that time, the writers can both develop their own projects and get feedback from the other writers, and participate in other projects that Manusfabriken is conducting on commission from production companies.