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Script Labs

Scriptlab på Manusfabriken: Från vänster: Karin Blixt, Johanna St Michaels, Gorki Glaser-Müller, Morgan Jensen, Niclas Ekström.

Manusfabriken arranges Script Labs, in which writers focus on their projects for several days.

One of the linchpins of Manusfabriken is an aim to professionalize the process of giving and receiving feedback. Many projects receive feedback from producers, dramatists or financiers in conjunction with applications for funding. Manusfabriken has developed a method “screenwriters to screenwriters” which is partly based on us becoming involved at an earlier stage. The aim of this is to maximize the chance of getting a “yes” to a project and avoiding an unnecessary “no”.

Several writers meet for a few days in a Script Lab and focus on the selected projects. We start with the writer’s vision and look at the script as a whole – structure, theme, characters, dialog, audience potential and so forth. The joint work on the script provides more perspectives and in-depth discussions, with the aim of taking the project to the next stage, regardless of where it is in the process.

Upcoming scriptlabs

Previous Script Labs


  • Comedy Series Lab

    Manusfabriken organized a scriptlab on future comedy.  Read more

  • Nålsögat

    Målsögat.  Read more

  • ScriptLab 2017

    Manusfabriken arranged its first Script Lab for film and tv-projects on 27 and 28 March in Gothenburg. Four projects were selected and developed together for two days. Read more about ScriptLab 2017 here

  • TLF SeriesLab

    As part of the partnership with TorinoFilmLab, Manusfabriken organized one of three workshops at TFL’s SeriesLab – a six-month script development program for television series projects in early development. The participants are leading scriptwriters and producers from all over Europe. Read more about TLF SeriesLab

  • Writers room

    Manusfabriken organized a scriptlab on future comedy.  Read more

  • Writers room runda bord samtal

    Manusfabriken organized a scriptlab on future comedy.  Read more