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Screenwriters to screenwriters

Minka Jakerson, Carl Javér, Petra Revenue

Screenwriters to screenwriters is Manusfabriken’s trade mark and the concept that defines the way we work. We believe in the concept that cooperation and an exchange of ideas creates greater opportunities for developing better scripts.  

Writing and developing a script is often a long and lonely process. Comments and feedback often come at the end of a project, when a large amount of time and work has already been invested. It is easy to get lost during the writing process, but incredibly difficult to find one’s way back to the original idea.

Manusfabriken’s concept is to enable writers to get the right feedback from the right person at the right stage of the process. Feedback from producers or financiers is seldom as detailed as the feedback that comes from a writer colleague.

Manusfabriken likes to work with professional projects in early development. Our method usually involves working in groups. Starting with the writer’s intentions, we work together to investigate the strengths, weaknesses and potential of the project. The goal is to provide the writer with additional perspectives and solutions, and to hopefully provide a clearer idea of how the project can proceed and reach the next level.

Today, Manusfabriken comprises about a dozen established scriptwriters with extensive experience of writing and developing projects for film and television. Several of them also have experience as editors, dramatists, lecturers and speakers, and have worked in various positions within script development for a number of companies. Manusfabriken has premises at Gothenburg Studios in Lindholmen, which enables close and easy collaboration.



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