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About Manusfabriken

From left; Niclas Ekström, Åsa Lantz, Emiliano Goessens, Frida Hallberg - Manusfabriken

Manusfabriken is a resource center for Gothenburg-based professional screenwriters working in film or TV.

Emerged from an idea regarding collaboration

Manusfabriken emerged from an idea and a desire to collaborate among scriptwriters in Gothenburg, with the aim of improving the scriptwriters’ work and increasing the breadth of the stories produced. 

The initiative came from producer Frida Hallberg and director Emiliano Goessens. In 2016, a collaboration was initiated with Lindholmen Film & TV, which saw an opportunity to support the venture and thereby further develop scriptwriters as a professional group and strengthen competitiveness in the film and television industry in the region.

Screenwriters to screenwriters 

Manusfabriken currently includes several established writers from Gothenburg with extensive experience of writing and developing projects for film and television. The collaborative project is based on the “screenwriters to screenwriters" concept.

Through Manusfabriken, professional writers can meet and share experiences and tap into one another’s knowledge. The writers can also collaborate on each other’s projects and develop shared ideas. The projects developed within Manusfabriken belong to the writers, and they can approach any producer of their choice.

With a mission to boost scriptwriting in West Sweden and abroad

Manusfabriken is working actively to give West Sweden a place on the national and international stage and to contribute to industry events, film festivals and international workshops.

Read more about Manusfabriken’s activities here

  • Strengthen scriptwriters as a professional group
  • Highlight scriptwriters’ role in film and television production
  • Make use of the knowledge that exists among established writers
  • Further training and enhancement of existing competence
  • Enable collaboration between professional writers
  • Broaden the offering of stories produced in West Sweden
  • Strengthen the film industry in West Sweden through more regional projects


On the photo: Gino Ventriglia, Torino Film Lab

The venture is part of the City of Gothenburg’s aim to become established as a center for film and is being run by Film & TV at Lindholmen Science Park. Manusfabriken is funded by Lindholmen Science Park and the City of Gothenburg’s Culture Committee.