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New writer constellations create the comedy series of the future

At the start of last November, Manusfabriken arranged Comedy Series Lab. Screenwriters from throughout Sweden participated in the two-day workshop to develop ideas for Sweden's upcoming TV comedy and create new constellations of writers. The result was five exciting series concepts, which are now in various stages of development.

Av jord är du kommen

by Lovisa Löwhagen, Jakob Vasell and Kjersti Ugelstad


'Erika is a famous TV chef and Sweden's uncrowned whole-foods queen until the day she manages to poison some of her most loyal followers. Her food empire is taken away from here and her henpecked and shy assistant becomes the new star. Now Erika is making a comeback and looking to take back what she lost. The question is if here enormous ego and self-absorption are an asset or an impediment when attempting to win over the people's love.'

All tid i världen

by Klara ZimmergrenJessika Jankert, Martin Larsson and Nicholas Wakeham


''Unbelievably favourable tax regulations in Portugal have come to Börje and Anita's attention. Börje, who has waited for Anita's retirement for two years, is now ready to drop everything for the dream of a new life. Anita is generally tired and the last thing she wants to spender her final days is serving as an emergency-babysitting grandmother with all the time in the world to spend with her grandchildren. This is likely to be expected of her. In order to take advantage of the dream-like tax situation offered in Portugal, the pensioners are forced to give up everything in Sweden - house, car, boat, furniture... Everything. 

This is a project that Börje has made some progress with by the day of Anita's retirement and when she arrive home after her last day of work, Börje destroys the last of the kitchen chairs to load it into the car for transport to the dump. Now they are going to leave Sweden.  Börje is on his way towards his dream and Anita is escaping an upcoming nightmare back at home.


Alltid redo

by Soni JörgensenGunnar SvensénSagah Larsson and Robert Palm

'Bullied spinster Sonja is married to the scout group that she took over after her father passed away. She wants to save the scout clubhouse whose waterfront property is going to be sold to build luxury homes. When Sonja runs over MC-boss Kevin's greatest love, the Rottweiler Devil, he wants to kill her, but Sonja succeeds in talking the penalty down to cleaning the 'Borlänge Fuckers' clubhouse. But her job does not stop there when the MC gang realises that she is the perfect front for their operations. Sonja is force to balance her life as an active scout leader and role model for the children as she slowly becomes more involved in the criminal MC gang. This puts her role as scout leader at risk – or could this be salvation for the scout clubhouse?'


Människans bästa vän

by Joakim Granberg and Jessika Jankert  


'On a run-down farm in Västgötaland, a nymphomaniac dog breeder attempts to save her kennel together with her browbeaten husband and her illegitimate children. Distracted by her own sexual escapades, her champion pug manages to mate with the wrong breed at the dog show, while an unknown daughter of her sterile husband shows up to get to know her father.' 



by Nicolas Kolovos  

gr5.png'Christos has run a Greek tavern in Sweden for over 30 years, but business has suffered in recent years. The customers become fewer and fewer and begin to favour other food cultures over the Greek kitchen. At a meeting with his accountant, Christos is informed that his finances have bottomed out. Christos sees that the end is approaching for his life's work. Liv, who is Christos' illegitimate daughter and of whom his family is unaware, decides to help her father. She also sees it as an opportunity to get to know her Greek family. But some things are easier said than done.'



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