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Gothenburg Kids selected for Torino Script Labs

Morgan Jensen och Emiliano Goessens
Manusfabriken's Emiliano Goessens and Morgan Jensen have been selected as Swedish participants in the Torino Film Labs TV series workshop SeriesLab with their project 'Gothenburg Kids'.

Emiliano Goessens and Morgan Jensen are both experienced screenwriters with past productions including HasselSuperswede, 30 grader i februari and Irene Huss.

Gothenburg Kids is a tale about the people behind organised crime. The screenwriters want to use the project to portray the story and people behind organised crime that has come to dominate the news feed and social debate in Gothenburg in recent years. The aim is to create a character-driven narrative that digs deep without popularising or glorifying any part of the reality. The result is planned to be a six-part TV series for an international audience.

Torino Film Labs TV series workshop Series Lab is aimed at projects in early development and has the objective of developing innovative and high-profile international TV series. Participants are leading producers, directors and screenwriters from throughout Europe. A total of nine projects were selected for participation. 

The workshop kicks off in December and will be followed by two additional meetings during 2019, the second of which will be arranged in Gothenburg. The six-month workshop will then conclude in Lille at Series Mania Co-Production Form, where the projects are pitched to financiers, producers and channels.

In order to make it possible for Swedish projects to participate, Manusfabriken and Lindholmen Science Park are paying the participation fees for the accepted Swedish projects. 

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